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Where We Are

Wondering where our homes are, what the local area is like, or how quickly you can get into London if you feel the urge?  

Everything you need to know is here. 

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Our Homes

coBode's homes are located across Stevenage in safe residential areas with easy transport links. Whoever you work for, you'll be able to find a location that's right for you.

Each house has been redeveloped specifically for shared living, maximising the number of bathrooms and providing facilities to meet the needs of busy, young professionals.


All homes are licensed by the local authority and health and safety requirements such as fire alarms are all built into the design.

Click on the button below to take a look at our houses and see what's currently available.

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The Local Area

Stevenage is made up of two parts.  The original "Old Town" can trace its roots back to the 7th century whilst the "New Town" consists of a number of neighbourhoods added since the 1950's when, following the second world war, it was designated as a new town.

The "New Town" centre was opened by the Queen in 1959 and an exciting multi-million pound redevelopment of the town centre  is currently underway. 

A local coffee and cocktail bar

Local Entertainment

Stevenage can get a bad press, but the Old Town in particular boasts the usual chains and an increasing number of boutique local venues. If you want an independent tapas bar or a great coffee shop, there's one here.


If you really feel the urge for something larger, there are 8 trains an hour to Kings Cross, with the fastest only taking 25 minutes.

There's plenty for sports and fitness enthusiasts too. Stevenage FC play in The EFL League Two.  Fairlands Valley Park offers 120 acres of outdoor space with an 11 acre lake for water sports of all varieties, whilst the local running club holds events throughout the year.

If you prefer to spend your leisure time indoors, there are a number of gyms, a 16 screen cinema and numerous retail parks.

Local Employers

Stevenage keeps its commercial credentials hiden and the breadth of science, technology and engineering in the town is not well publicised.


GlaxoSmithKline is a main employer, sustaining an ecosystem of biotech incubator companies and suppliers.


Airbus, MBDA and others create a concentration of leading companies in the space, defence and engineering sectors.


Add in the Lister Hospital and major employers in nearby towns such as Tesco, with headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, and Ocado at Hatfield and it means that there are lots of young professionals here, just like you.

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Whatever brings you to Stevenage, we can help make it home.

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