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Living with coBode

Don't know what co-living is, whether it's for you, or what makes coBode special compared to a conventional letting agent?

This page will tell you all you need to know.

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What is Co-Living?

Co-living is an increasingly popular, affordable, form of shared living, particularly for young professionals and those relocating for work.

There's no agreed definition of the term "co-living." Typically it's taken to mean:


  • Communal living where residents aren't in family groups

  • Where residents have their own furnished room and share common areas such as kitchens and living rooms

  • Where residents form a community, having shared interests, values or purpose


or, according to the Urban Dictionary......


"It's kinda like co-working, but in a house."

What is Co-Living?

Benefits of Co-Living


Moving somewhere new can be daunting, particularly if you don't know anyone in the area.  


With co-living you'll be sharing with other, similar aged, like-minded individuals who have all been through the same experience.  It's a great way to meet and make friends with people other than those you work with.


If you want to avoid unexpected bills, or nasty surprises co-living is for you.  


With a single monthly payment you can forget about council tax, electricity, gas, broadband and water bills; they're all included in the rent.


Washing machine broken, or boiler on the blink? There's no need to take time off work waiting for the gas man. Maintenance is included too.


On a grad scheme?  Moving for a new job?  Don't know the area? Want to keep your options open?


If you're not sure what the future holds, or whether you'll be staying for the long term, co-living provides a fantastic opportunity to get the feel for a location without a huge commitment or cost. 

What's different about Co-Living with coBode?

  • At coBode, we own and manage all of our homes. You'll deal directly with us rather than a letting agent.

  • We maintain our homes to the highest standards and deal with issues quickly and effectively.

  • We know all of our housemates personally and respond to their feedback and suggestions.

  • We actively seek to find new housemates who will fit into and add the co-living experience.

  • We strive to make coBode the best place to live.

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Your Housemates

Living with a great set of like-minded housemates can be one of the best aspects of co-living.


Your housemates will be people just like you.  Most will be in their twenties and in the early stages of their careers after leaving university.


They are usually new to the area, having moved to take a role within one of the large, prestigious employers in Stevenage.

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